International Burch University by Stirling Education hosts the 17th Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS 2021)

The conference will be organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and will include plenary lectures, sessions, and presentations.

The 17th Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS 2021) aims to present the latest research results and experience in design and application of programmable devices and systems and to discuss the present state and future trends of applied electronics in control and information technology of this branch. Its program will include plenary lectures, technical sessions, industrial sessions, interactive sessions, and software presentations.

PDeS 2021 will be held at International Burch University and will be organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in cooperation with Slovakia University of Technology, Bratislava; Brno University of Technology,  Silesian Technical University, Gliwice and  Technical University of Ostrava.

The chair of the conference Prof. Dr. Miloš Krstic from IHP (Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics) is going to have a presentation about the latest research findings. The IHP performs research and development in the fields of silicon-based systems, highest-frequency integrated circuits, and technologies for wireless and broadband communication, and there is no doubt that the presentation is going to trigger new research ideas.

The co-chair of the conference is the Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Dejan Jokić, who is changing the role from a visitor of the international conference to being a host of the event.

ˮPDeS is a conference that I have been attending for the last 10 years, and due to the extremely small number of papers from BiH and the region in general, I proposed to the conference management that the next PDeS should be held in Sarajevo. Given that embedded systems are popular in our country, both in BiH and in the region, I believe that the response and interest of the scientific community will be great, which can contribute to the networking of our scientific community with the European oneˮ